Thursday, July 29, 2010

Muslims praying in New York City streets, shuts down Madison Ave

I wasn't sure that the photos in my email box today, were real:
"Muslims shut down streets of New York with prayer"

Muslims shut down streets of New York with prayer
But after checking on SNOPES (see HERE), it seems that it is true.

Muslims seem to be over-flowing Mosques, spilling into city streets, and closing streets down for their prayer times ... but I can't find on-line whether this is a daily/weekly (Fridays?) event or if these photos were caught during a one-time special event. (UPDATE: as pointed out by the first commenter on this Post, SNOPES DOES state that this happens yearly, not weekly, on the streets of New York ... and I either did not read all the way down the Snopes page, or such explanation was added to Snopes in August after my July posting ... ? ... not sure.)

Even after being corrected by the Commenter, Brad, I still maintain that it is the 'job' of the Christian to hold back the 'take over'  of this country by anything that would want to stifle the Christian's religious freedom and peace in this life, as written in 1 Timothy 2:1-4:

 muslims shut down Madison Ave in New York City, with prayer   
 1I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone— 2for kings (presidents) and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. 3This is good, and pleases God our Savior, 4who wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.

And so I continue to state:
Pray Christians.
Now is not the time to sit back and do nothing.

Are we actually holding back 'darkness' by battling against spiritual powers in the heavenlies? (Ephesians 6:12)

Or does "saved by grace" mean we are saved to just enjoy our nights on our couches in front of TV screens?

Just thinking out loud.

 "And now you know what is holding him back, so that he may be revealed at the proper time" - 2 Thessalonians 2:6

"For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms" - Ephesians 6:12, NIV

Muslims Call To Prayer Over Loud Speakers in New York  

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  1. Don't know how to be friendly about this, but I'll try. If you would check on the Snopes link you would see that this is not "every Friday" but a once a year event that has been going on since 1985. In 1985 Ronald Reagan was president.

    As Christians we've got so much good to say. I think we can say it without buying into lies and spreading falsehoods.

  2. Hey Brad ...

    your post was not unfriendly :)

    and sure enough, reading down the Snopes post it states what you've said .... was snopes updated AFTER I posted this? ;)

    I agree with your comment and don't want to be accused of spreading falsity's to get my points across.

    thanks for stopping in.

  3. Hey, if it is a yearly thing, what to heck, think of it as a yearly parade, a gay pride parade, or whatever, of course, one must get a permit to shut down a street!

    Alls good!

  4. allahs good? or alls good? ha

  5. This is silly. It is 1 annual parade. One of about 100.

    It's been going on for 25 years. It is not some new, radical shift.

    There are many Christian parades: St. Patty's, Easter, Christian Youth, Three Kings,...

  6. I'm guessing that it will be a matter of time before loudspeakers are set up in the new Islamic Mosque (should it be built), and the Muslim call to prayer will be echoing 3-5 times a day as is already happening in "tolerant" European countries! People seem to be sleepwalking in the "name of tolerance" to the very real potential of the destruction of Western civilization, as we know it.


  7. @ Jane:

    yes, I agree ... in the "name of tolerance" we are loosing this country. And as I've written in other posts, Shariah Law is also trying to make its way into countries across the world, and Fox News has picked this topic up telling how some conservative lawmakers are trying to sound this alarm as well:

    Oh, us crazy conservatives! Just way too paranoid and UN-tolerant, eh!?

  8. Tolerance, tolerance ...

    Below is the latest LINK showing American Tolerance as they let their school children be proselytized by this 'peaceful' religion ...

    Homeschool your kids, I say.

  9. yes! Christ will soon return! As for the muslims blocking the street this way and saying they are praying! is an insult to Americans! this is their way of feeling like they have gain some submission over the people! like they dare you to pass them,they know just what they are doing.And the streets are not for this and they should be arrested when they lay out in the roads.They have their mosques like 100 in new york..get it out of the streets! that is what i say.I also want people to know more about their allah!because many people know very little about what it is they really believe.ISLAM: "Allah" is a Pagan Moon God

    Research concludes from a diversity of solid historical sources that:

    1. "Allah" was the name of a demonic moon god prominent in that tribal group well before Muhammad was even born.

    2. When Muhammad received his "revelations" he himself considered them likely to be from demons. His cohorts, friends, relatives, persuaded him otherwise and essentially encouraged him to co-opt "allah" as the sole surviving tribal god into a new religion AS A MEANS OF EMOTIONALLY ENERGIZING MASSES OF PEOPLE TOWARD POLITICAL AND GEOGRAPHIC CONQUEST. He thought that was a great idea.


    A) running 7 times around the temple of the moon god called the Kaaba.
    B) stones were thrown at the devil.
    C) a crescent was a key religious symbol.
    D) praying toward Mecca five times a day.
    E) kissing the black stone.
    F) killing an animal in sacrifice to the moon god.
    G) fasting for the month which begins and ends with the crescent moon.

    But essentially "Allah" is NOT the Almighty God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

    The historical record - FROM ISLAMIC SOURCES - is quite clear. There's nothing iffy or fuzzy about it. The sources are not celebrated these days in Islamic circles for obvious reasons. But they have been considered accurate and authoritative for many hundreds of years.

    "Allah Akbar!" means Allah ak bar which at its Semitic root means: God is without a son or rendered more colloquially "God has no son".

    "I shall terrorize the infidels. So wound their bodies and incapacitate them because they oppose Allah and His Apostle." (Qur'an:8:12)

    Why is there a crescent moon on the front of every mosque? To this day, a crescent moon can be found at the front of every mosque, acknowledging that Allah was, and is the moon god.

    In conclusion, ISLAM is founded on the worship of a pre-Islamic pagan moon god elevated to the one sovereign god by Muhammad's vision.

    In Mecca, circling around the cuboid stone mimicks the energy needed to open a portal in a spirit world. ISLAM is unwittingly opening evil doorways and inviting themselves to become more possessed by Satanic forces.

  10. It is obvious to me that the pictures displayed here and in the e-mail were taken on at least two different occasions. That seems to indicate that it would be more than a once a year thing.

    The comments by anonymous say much that I had not heard before, but it does make sense, and I appreciate the sharing.

    But the point of the e-mail and this blog was to say that if Muslims are allowed to block the streets of New York, even once a year, why can't the Christians, on whose faith this country was founded, display a Nativity scene in towns and cities once a year, too? I am a Christian, and I believe this country is still primarily Christian, although if we keep being lax at our borders and "politically correct" in our response to Muslims, we will soon be murdered for our beliefs and the Christian faith will be outlawed. I wonder how the homosexuals will feel when they discover that their sexual preferences are actually punishable by death according to Sharia law?

  11. Perfectly said, Anonymous on Sept 23 !

    Ahmadinejad states there are "no gays in Iran". Why? Because they are murdered there.

  12. Are the Baptist, Methodist or pentecostal allowed to congregate on the streets anywhere in America to pray? I think not.

  13. It amazes me that highly educated men can follow the teachings of a Mideival, evil man, whose behavior could be described as more extreme and far reaching than Charles Manson's, and whose psychological profile can be explained by modern psychology as manic-depressive, bi-polar, with extreme psychotic murderous behavior.

  14. Take a look at a BBC story on what Muslims in Britain are teaching Muslim children. The instruction on cutting feet and hands off is teaching young impressionable children how to be a good sadist, I mean, Muslim.

    The Western world indeed has a Muslim Problem. They are infiltrating our society and intend to take over. Their Islam teaches that it is a sin to commit jihad if they cannot succeed. Since it is obvious they will not be able to succeed; That is enslave, convert, or kill all non-muslims in the world, they are committing a sin against Islam.

  15. Thanks for the Walid Shoebat link.

    Although many religious people of differing religions may want to be separate from some of the things mentioned in this Video link (ie: JWs and birthdays, Christians and some movies, etc), it is the Muslim hatred of the West and desire to convert or kill the infidel which makes them different from the other religions (Qur'an Quotes:

    If only gov't officials in the West would actually listen to men such as Walid who have LIVED this religion!!! Maddening, really!

  16. Al Khamdou Lil Lakh, Al Khamdou Lil Lakh. May Allakh open the eyes of those who are sleeping and gave us knowledge of understanding the word ISLAM PEACE.

  17. To Dec 7 Anonymous wrote:
    "understanding the word ISLAM PEACE" .... do you mean like Sweden just found out??

    Is Christ Soon To Return

  18. In the Bible it states that there will be no liars in heaven. So if you so dearly want Christ to return soon I assume you do not want to be in the group classed as liars as you won't be ready. As Christians it is our responsibility to ensure that things we spread are true, honest, of good report etc. A cursory examination through google will show this is a hoax. It is a sanctioned, once a year, Sunday parade authorised by the city of New York. The parade has been held since 1985 so was Bush responsible when he was in office? Was Bush a muslim then? Of course not. Note the US flag in one of the pictures. If you don't believe it is of a once a year parade look at New York papers online about the last Sunday of any September for reports. As a Christian who wants to be ready when Christ returns it is really your responsibility to correct this dissemination of lies and tell people the real truth. Whether you are happy about muslims in the US is not a factor in your responsibility to tell the truth.

  19. I note that when Brad told you that your muslim New York Friday shutdown was untrue and directed you to sites that proved it was untrue you admitted what he said was true. You then said you didn't want to be accused of spreading falsity's (sic) to get your point across. Then why do you deny your own word and your Christian faith by continuing to print the same lies. This plays into the hands of muslims who can rightly point to you as either a person who hates muslims so much that you are willing to lie to discredit them or just too vain to correct your original false information. (I am sure you once thought it was true but now know the real truth). There is enough to discredit the muslim religion without having to lie about it. Christ would have us be truthful to be ready for his return. If we have not been truthful we need to tell those who have been told our lies that we had made a mistake and correct the situation, not continue the lie as our lead in story to justify hatred of muslims. I suggest you get on your knees and ask Christ for forgiveness and to help you through what is going to be difficult for you, but the only real way to solve your truth dilemna and to be in a proper relationship with him.

  20. @ 4/17 anonymous commenter(s):

    Where am I lying in this post? I wrote that I rec'd the photos in my email box and that I wasn't sure if this represented weekly prayer times or not, even after my initial check on Snopes; then I re-checked on Snopes as directed by the Commenter Brad, and I write of the findings in this post ... in the body of the post, not just in my comments. So, where am I lying?

    These prayer times are happening in NYC, shutting down streets. This is the truth as reported on Snopes:

    Do I want the streets of NYC shut down with muslim prayers once per week or even once per year? I'd rather not see it. For I believe if Christians did such, they'd come under heavy media and political attack for trying such. And I don't want to see the United States of America bowing down to any unfriendly, bullying, beheading, oppressive religion.

    I cannot see where I am lying. Just posting what snopes states. And just watching the World's Events to see if the End could be near.

  21. "Muslims seem to be over-flowing Mosques, spilling into city streets, and closing streets down for their prayer times ...": this is quoted directly from your site. This is at best misleading as you have been informed that these photos do not represent muslims in fact overflowing from their mosques and spilling into city streets and closing down streets for their prayer times. Or are you being a little 'cute' by using the word 'seem'to absolve yourself from the responsibility of others coming to a conclusion themselves that you really want them to come to anyway? You refer to an update that spends most of its time justifying why you didn't get things right the first time from Snopes through either your sloppy approach of failing to bother to read to the end of the article or some other excuse that maybe the information wasn't there when you first looked. Wouldn't it be better to correct the article from the beginning to remove the 'misleading' information.

    Now, no one can blame your for being concerned about the rise of the muslim religion through much of the world. No one can blame you for being disgusted by beheadings and also oppression, particularly of women. No one can blame you for not wanted it in your backyard. Unfortunately though the USA has freedom of religion and speech, so we have to put with people like the Westboro Church, despicable as most people think their actions are. We also have Scientology that arose from the mind of a science fiction writer recognized as a religion for tax purposes. Fortunately countries like France see things differently about this group. If we as Christians expect religious freedom for ourselves, then unfortunately muslims must have religious freedom as well. If this is not the case then who is to say if your particular view on the Christian religion should be allowed to keep its freedom of worship. Muslims have a religion even if what they teach and their culture goes against what most Americans believe. Freedom means freedom even for those we don't really think should have that freedom. As to streets being closed off even once a year, there are many many parades each year where streets are closed off. St Patrick's Day, Knights of Columbus Day are some from a religious base. Unfortunately the precedent has been set and muslims are entitled to their day once a year whether we like it or not. I agree with you I don't like the idea of such muslim parades either and support your right to complain about it. But you must rise above the spirit shown by those you criticize and make sure you and your chosen words come from a better place. I see from your reply that you don't feel you are intending to mislead but unfortunatley without a correction right at the beginning this misleading impression comes across. I am sure you don't want this to be the case. Tell people right at the start what these pictures really are then express your displeasure and concern with muslims being able to do this at all even though they are not of 'mosque spillage'. This is your right and you feel a strong burden to warn people about the danger of muslim encroachment on society.

  22. Jesus warned us of a false prophet coming 'in the desert'; Paul warned us that anyone coming with a
    new gospel than the One preached by Jesus, especially 'from an ANGEL, is accursed'; John tells us
    that whoever denies the Father and the Son is a liar and antichrist..........can we connect the dots here?

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