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Egypt and Russia in Bible Prophecy

This is Part One regarding Egypt's role in the End Times according to Bible Prophecy, as spoken by the prophet Daniel.  To read of the end of Egypt's power, as seen in Isaiah and Ezekiel, read Part Two HERE

This is also a time-line of the End of this Age's wars.

There are just too many Scriptures regarding Egypt, throughout the minor and major Prophets of the Bible, to post all here, but know this:  Egypt will rise to be a powerful force in the World and will come against Israel and Russia in war.  This statement is supported by the Scriptures below, from the Book of Daniel.

But some important things to remember first, as we read about the Last Days in any Book of the Bible, are:

~The Great Tribulation Period is a time of God's Wrath upon the Earth because of the sins of those who live on Earth and their refusal to worship the One True God (Isaiah 13:9-11, Jeremiah 25:29, 2 Thessalonians 2:11, Revelation 13:15Revelation 14:9-11 and more), with focus on the Arab world and Russia for coming against Israel (Ezekiel 38, Jeremiah 25:15-26, Zephaniah 2:4-15) and also upon Israel for its unfaithfulness to God (Jeremiah 25:29, 30:7, Ezekiel 39:21-24, Hosea 13:9, Amos 9:10 and others);

~ It is not a time of Tribulation or Wrath for the Church (1 Thessalonians 5:91 Thessalonians 1:10, Revelation 3:10 and others)

~ Again, the End Times war is against and revolves around ISRAEL ... not the Church ... and it is God's doing to punish Israel for her unfaithfulness to God (Ezekiel 38:16, Zechariah 14:2 and others);

~ The "King of the North" found in Daniel, is Russia (see Ezekiel 39:1-2)

~ The "King of the South" is Egypt, along with other Arab nations (Daniel 11:8 and 43)

~ The very last war fought, right before the Millennium, will be against God Himself, (Zechariah 14:12-15, Revelation 19:15) and the inhabitants of the Earth who survive all of these years of war and plagues and wrath, will yearly go up to Jerusalem to worship the King of Kings, Jesus the Messiah (Zechariah 14:16-21).

Now lets look specifically at Egypt's and Russia's roles in the End Times,  according to the Book of Daniel:

~ Egypt (as the head of an Arab Alliance?) will rage / start war against Russia, with Egypt over-powering Russia  (Daniel 11:11-13);

~ Jews will fight against Egypt and the Arab nations, without success (Daniel 11:14 "your own people" = the Jews)

~ Russia will set up head-quarters in Israel, against Egypt's will (Daniel 11:16 -- Israel is the "The Beautiful Land");

~ There will then be an alliance made between Russia and Egypt (Daniel 11:17);

~ But the over-throw of the Ruler of Russia by his own "commander" will cause the fall of this particular Russian Leader (Daniel 11:18-20);

~ It seems at this point, that the Man of Lawlessness will then appear (2 Thessalonians 2:3, 4), a Dictator, who will capture the people's attention through deception and miracles (Daniel 11:21 and 2 Thessalonians 2:9, 10 ); Israel, who is the "Prince of the covenant" will be conquered by this Man of Lawlessness (Daniel 11:22,23) who will at this time proclaim "Peace, Peace" (1 Thessalonians 5:3) while looting Israel (Daniel 11:24, Ezekiel 38:10-16), after which Egypt "The King of the South" will once again, attempt to over-throw this Dictator (Daniel 11:25-28);

~ There will be intervention from the "West", opposing this "King of the North" who is the Man of Lawlessness, however in rage against this opposition (Daniel 11:30), this Dictator will seat himself in the Temple in Israel (Daniel 11:31), calling himself God (Daniel 11:36, Revelation 13:5-8),  stopping daily sacrifices in the Temple (Daniel 11:31) all the while meeting opposition from God-fearing Jews (Daniel 11:32);

~ This Man of Lawlessness, from the North, will remain in the Temple until the time of God's "wrath is completed" (Daniel 11:36);

~ A third battle will then ensue between this "King of the North" and the "King of the South" (Egypt with Arab alliances) with many countries being over-taken at this time (Daniel 11:40-42) and with Egypt, also, being conquered at this time (Daniel 11:42, 43);  this Northern King will set up his head-quarters in Jerusalem, on the Beautiful Holy Mountain (Daniel 11:45) where he will meet his end by the returning King of Kings, the Lord Jesus Himself

~ As this Man of Lawlessness, the King of the North, sets up his final head-quarters in Jerusalem, it will be at that time that the "Kings of the East" try to step in (Daniel 11:44).  The power of Israel will be seen as "over" (Daniel 12:7) as their sins have been fully "dealt with" by God (Ezekiel 7)  therefore God Himself steps in over-throwing the armies of the world by the Words of His mouth (Revelation 19:15, Revelation 19:19-21Joel 3:16 and others), throwing satan into the Abyss and jailing him for one-thousand years (Revelation 20:1-3), with God taking ruler-ship of the Earth for one-thousand years (Revelation 20:4).  (Great Side Note:  another Scripture to support the PRE-TRIBULATION RAPTURE of the Church is seen here in Revelation 20, since the Church is seen ruling in this Millennium along with those who were martyred during the Great End Days Tribulation Period.  See Revelation 20:4 compared with 1 Corinthians 6:2-3 to confirm my statement.  All the remaining dead will NOT be resurrected until AFTER the Millennium, see Revelation 20:5.)

That Man of Lawlessness, satan himself in man's flesh, will not have an easy time of it in his final days, as he confronts continual war, ending with the Great War against God Himself!

A final reminder for the Church ... a reminder that should bring confidence and peace of mind:

Daniel 12:10 -
NONE of the wicked will understand (these things), but hose who are wise WILL understand.

1 Thessalonians 5:4,5 -
4But you, brothers, are not in darkness so that this day should surprise you like a thief. 5You are all sons of the light and sons of the day. We do not belong to the night or to the darkness.

Luke 21:28 -
When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.

In other words ...
the Church should be able to discern the Signs of the Times and not be caught "off guard" when the Day of our Lord is at hand.  We should watch and discern the times, Church  and prepare ourselves for the coming of our Lord.

1 John 3:3
Everyone who has this hope in him purifies himself, just as he is pure

Luke 21:36
Be always on the watch, and pray that you may be able to escape (through Rapture) all that is about to happen, and that you may be able to stand before the Son of Man


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  1. Egypt (as the head of an Arab Alliance?) will rage / start war against Russia, with Egypt over-powering Russia (Daniel 11:11-13);
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